Throughout the years, many students have enrolled and participated in our successful immersion program in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. Legends of China is proud to present just a handful of their stories as they tell you about their experience with our Chinese international program.

Dr. Charles Meliska, Faculty, University of California, San Diego:

On behalf of my wife, Janice, and myself, I just wanted to thank Legends of China (LOC) The Silk Road to the Future for the excellent trip (Trip D) we just completed. We have traveled extensively in the USA, Canada, and Europe on previous occasions; but the LOC tour ranks among the very best (if not the best) we’ve ever had. We’ll have fond memories of this one to last a lifetime-or, at least until we go to China again.

I’ve already recommended the trip highly to all my UCSD colleagues. I hope they and many others will partake of this opportunity.

May you have continued success with this extraordinary program. Xie xie!

UCLA Class of 2013 : Physiological Science:

This trip was once in a lifetime experience. I felt extremely privileged to be part of such a great opportunity. As I was in China I couldn’t help but reflect on my four years at UCLA and kept thinking on how this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing resources we have at our university—thank you student affairs. The Legends of China staff was great host and definitely welcomed to their country and left me with the urge to return sometime in the near future. I enjoyed the rich culture and tradition, it was full of history and that brought nostalgia as it evoked reflective thoughts. It was so rich and lively to be there that at moments I felt I had been there sometime in my past life. It was an invigorating and motivating trip after being exposed to a completely different style of living and culture. I was impressed by their preserved traditions and couldn’t help but respect them for that. If I had a chance to attend this trip again I wouldn’t think twice about it. I have already recommended this program to fellow Bruins; they need to take advantage of such a great opportunity.

Griffin Ong
UCLA Class of 2015 : Neuroscience:

Legends of China’s Silk Road to the Future Program was a culturally enlightening experience that gave me great insight into what life is like in different parts of the world. It was really great to visit China for the first time through Legends of China, and I will definitely have to come back and explore some more! I really enjoyed seeing all the different parts of China while getting to know other students and faculty from all over the U.S., and it was certainly an unforgettable experience!

Kenneth Miller
Assistant Director/Educator, Critical Care Transport/Ambulance Transport Services
Ronald Reagan UCLA Health System:

Silk Road to China afforded me the opportunity to travel and visually experience the striking physical beauty of China. The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall were all a truly phenomenal experience. What was even more exceptional, was to experience firsthand the culture and traditions of the Chinese people. I attended lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine and toured the Chinese Health System. I met new colleagues that shared their view on illness and their roles in the Chinese health system. I experienced being an ambassador of peace as I shared with them my American culture and experience with western medicine. It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Michael Cecchini, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University:

I wanted to thank you for running such a well organized and exciting program. I liked the fast paced experience where we got to see many sights. My experience in China was one of the most memorable things I have ever done. At the end of my trip I didn’t want to come back to the U.S. and now I’m already looking into a way to travel back to China as well as take Mandarin lessons. The experience left quite an impression on me and I fell in love with China.

I really liked the theme of the trip and it was orchestrated very well. The annual award ceremony was magnificent and I felt truly honored to be able to witness it. Also, getting to know the Chinese students was very interesting and fun. I really enjoyed becoming friends with both the student volunteers on the buses and the students we met on the great wall, lunch, and at the ceremony. Both of our cultures have so much to offer one and another and it was great to make these friends that I hope to see again. I found the lectures during dinner to also be quite interesting to learn even more about China. In short, the itinerary was perfect for me and allowed me to encompass as much of China as possible in a 10 day trip.

Kyle Hardy, Student, University of California, Los Angeles:

The trip The Silk Road to the Future was absolutely amazing, from the bustling cities to the train ride being able to see some of the Chinese landscape to the majestic views from Heavenly Lake, it was simply an awesome, inspiring, life changing trip.

From the perspective of a traveler the program was splendid. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that huge amounts of time, effort, and energy went into making this trip work like it did, and it worked like a well oiled machine. I find this to be a truly amazing program, with a genuine and worthwhile cause and mission-World Peace. I am honored to be a part of it, I look forward to staying in touch and strengthening our friendship in the years to come.

Ashish Sahni, Chief Officer of Chancellor’s Office
University of California, Santa Cruz:

Now that I have been on this trip, I realize that what you offer is even better than any brochure or words can describe.On behalf of my wife and I, we again thank you for giving us once in a lifetime opportunity!

Dennis R. Black, Vice President for Student Affairs
University at Buffalo:

Congratulations to you on the success of the recent The Silk Road to the Future: China-US-Canada Student Affairs Summit in Beijing. The goals of promoting awareness and cooperation were wisely established and well met.

I can only imagine the extraordinary efforts that are needed to organize a venture of this type and want you and your staff to know how much all the work on our behalf was appreciated.

The conference was instructive, the visits in the city were fascinating, and the hospitality was outstanding.

The work that you are doing is helping to create new legends of China! We will certainly consider the invitation to participate again in the future. Best wishes to you from the University at Buffalo and Buffalo, NY, USA!

Hank Hammersmith, Lan Ying Mi.Lisa Suen, University of California, San Diego:

My family and I have just returned from a seven day trip to Beijing China and it was the most memorable vacation ever. The hotel was exceptional, the staff answered every question and did everything to make our stay one that makes us want to return. The rooms were excellent as well as the breakfast buffet. I wish it could be tomorrow. China is so rich with history and culture, it has changed how I view the world.

Calvin Chu, Student, University of California, Irvine:

The Silk Road to the Future, an opportunity to explore diversity, peace and fun!

Olivia Dimayuga, UCI:

Legends of China is the experience of a lifetime. China truly comes to life with this program.

Penny Rue, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
University of California, San Diego:

The organization is flawless and the cultural sights beyond expectations.

Jason Thibodeaux, Staff, The University of Texas at Austin:

Amazing experience!

Matt Saucede, Student, University of California, Los Angeles:

Great program, great price, amazing experience!

Lynette Albovitas, Staff, The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine:

This program provided a great experience of China culturally and educationally.

Karl Saldanha, Graduate Student, University of California, San Francisco:

This program made me feel like a legend of China.

Joel Majica, University of California, San Diego:

Wonderful, friendly, approachable, understanding Legends of China Staff!

Anna Johnson, Staff, University of California, Los Angeles:

Legends of China made China feel like my extended family.

Contact us if you want to share your stories about our successful immersion program. Our foundation is looking to always create memorable trips for our travelers.