Security Measures

Legends of China has extensive safety plans, procedures, and security measures in place to ensure the well-being of our participants. Our National golden level guides, bus captains, and drivers must go through a certification process that includes a strict background check before they become part of our international immersion program.

Furthermore, our well-rounded student volunteers must have a school recommendation and go through the Silk Road to the Future Committee’s selection and LOC certification process with a background check. Safety plans are regularly reviewed and updated and are part of the mandatory training for all involved.

Student Identification Badges
LOC Invitees receive ID badges upon arrival. These badges include their hotel information, 24/7 LOC emergency contact number, China’s 911 (110), and other important information. By wearing the identification badges at all times, our invitees are nearly always under direct supervision by LOC’s staff, bus captain, and student volunteers.

Staff Selection & Training
The highly skilled and experienced staff that are selected to work on our international immersion program are carefully screened, including background checks. They are also trained extensively on safety procedures and security measures to help ensure the well-being of the students they are in charge of supervising.

Pre-Established Communication Plans
Emergency communication plans are in place to allow us to communicate directly with family members of our invitees in the event of an emergency. Our internal network also allows us to easily communicate via bus captain, 24/7 emergency numbers, volunteers’ phone numbers, and all contact information we collected via our registration process.
The LOC emergency contact number, front desk in the hotel lobby, bus captain, and student volunteer jointly make sure our invitees and their family members can reach us at any hour of the day or night.

24/7 Communication Network
The 24/7 emergency response network we have set up is there to assist invitees and families when they are looking to contact each other. This communication network is available to use during the days, after hours, on weekends, and during the holidays.

Communicable Disease Prevention
LOC works closely with our program venues to establish protocols for the prevention of influenza or other communicable illnesses. We want everyone to have a safe and healthy experience when they partake in our program.

Safety Expert Leads the Safety Division
To ensure the safety of our staff and participants, we have a highly structured and disciplined operations staff that instills the importance of safety, security, and accountability. Lead by an expert in the field, our safety plans and security measures are created and implemented to make sure everyone has a fun, safe, and responsible time during their participation in our program.

Yellow Page in Hotel Rooms
We request all hotels we use for the Silk Road to the Future to provide local Yellow Page books in English and Chinese in each room. The Chinese local Yellow Page includes all important local information, including hospitals and other safety-related information.

Contact us for more information about the security measures and safety plans put together by our foundation.