Have any questions about Legends of China or our future leader international program? We have compiled the most common questions we have received regarding our international immersion program and answered them for you so you don’t have to look hard to find the solutions you are after. Don’t see your question below? You are always free to contact us with any personalized questions you may have to ask us.

The Chinese government has no requirement for any specific immunizations in order to enter China. You should consult your personal physician for advice on this matter based upon your personal health conditions. You would also be well advised to access the Web sites of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta and/or that of the World Health Organization (WHO). Be sure to obtain advice from someone whose judgment you trust.

Cash or Travelers’ Checks are best for travel to China. While many government-owned stores accept major credit cards, many stores do not and no street vendors do. For the best security, we suggest most funds be taken in Travelers’ Checks as these can be easily converted into Chinese currency (Yuan) at your hotel’s currency exchange counter and often receive an even better rate of exchange than do U.S. dollars. All hotel exchange rates are those officially set by the Bank of China, which is China’s central bank. There is no need to pre-exchange currency before the trip.

The amount of money you may choose to take along is a personal matter. We have no recommendation on this matter except to say that you should strongly consider talking with UC travelers who have gone on previous trips as they can tell you what they experienced in terms of personal shopping/spending.

Weather in China (July) & Dress Code?
It is most often hot in China during July so bring warm clothing. We recommend standard professional business attire for the exchange program and ceremony, and comfortable clothing and good walking shoes for university tours and historical sites.

Sunglasses, hats and sun block may be helpful for outside activities and are highly recommended. Inexpensive umbrellas are available in shops should it rain or snow, so there is no real need to take an umbrella unless it is very lightweight and will fit easily into your suitcase.

Electricity Standard?
China uses 220v instead of the U.S. standard 110v. Thus, please consider the following facts when you prepare for the trip:

1. Many laptop computers have built in converters, BUT BE SURE TO CHECK on yours, specifically. Camera recharge units vary greatly so you will probably have to purchase an adapter in order to recharge your camera batteries in China. The same applies for iPods or other electronic devices. Bringing extra batteries is a wise idea in any event.

2. If you need a voltage converter, you can easily purchase one in CompUSA-type stores. Rechargeable batteries will require such a converter.

3. Most hotels in which you’ll stay will loan you a voltage converter at the front desk, but to be absolutely certain you’ll be able to recharge, consider taking your own.

4. Most of the hotels (99%) provide hair dryers.

5. All hotels we use have business centers where the Internet can be accessed easily (for a charge); visit hotel Websites to make sure, however.

Our recommendation: travel light, travel light, travel light! Shopping in China is fun and irresistible so anticipate coming back with much more than you took. Thus, take as little as possible in order to allow room for whatever you may wish to bring back with you. Remember, China has almost everything you need and you can easily purchase an additional suitcase locally of reasonable quality at a low price.

Shopping In China?
Shopping in China is fun, exciting, and a purely personal matter, the extent of which is determined by each individual.

Conduct of Behavior?
We welcome any constructive suggestions, reasonable requests, and well-intentioned criticism. We give the fullest possible respect to our invitees and expect the same in return.

Best Way to Contact Us?
The best way to contact us is via email.

Contact us if you have any additional questions about the future leaders’ international program provided by our foundation.