About Us

The Legends of China (LOC) is a highly prestigious, non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on creating positive relationships among China, the United States, and other interested nations. The main mission of our international immersion organization in Rolling Hills Estates, CA, is to promote world peace.

LOC was founded in 1998 with the specific goal of establishing communication and interaction opportunities for artists, educators, students, and environmentalists by building cultural and educational bridges through which to share ideals and a love of the humanities. To date, thousands of renowned artists and educators have been hosted in China as LOC guests, thereby establishing a wide and solid network of colleagues highly respected within their fields.

Opening new golden doors of opportunity as a result of heart-warming, one-to-one encounters is a major ongoing endeavor of LOC. This endeavor helps the ever-growing number of program participants who are eagerly communicating with new colleagues—all experts in their fields capable of addressing important historical and future topics.

Legends of China’s Chinese international programs have established a well-earned reputation for providing true red carpet treatment to their guests, and are known for initiating honest, open, and profound dialogue. We at LOC truly believe our sterling reputation has been built up as a result of our vision, our dedication, and our extremely hard work in this great cause. Our programs are open on an invitational basis only. We pay a great deal of respect to our guests and receive the same in return.

The Mission of Our Organization

Presidents Volunteer Service AwardThe mission of Legends of China is to create bridges for greater cooperation and understanding through cultural and educational exploration between the United States and China. Our values include:

Integrity – As LOC staff, we honor the qualities of honesty, effort, generosity, courtesy, and kindness. We are proud of who we are and require the best from ourselves. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and consistently towards others.

Respect – As LOC staff, we believe that respect must be earned, not simply requested or taken for granted. It is something “awarded” to those who demonstrate that they are deserving of it.

Love – As LOC staff, we love what we do and do what we love. We give love to the world because we believe that love is what God originally gave to the world.

Self-Esteem – As LOC staff, we take tremendous pride in doing the best that we can possibly do. We are proud of who we are because we have earned it through our hard work.

Fun – As LOC staff, we are young and energetic. We believe life is short and we should each live it to the very fullest, that is, enjoy every day to the maximum and revel in the beauty that is our daily world. We also greatly enjoy having the fun that comes from working hard to help our guests to have fun, ourselves to have fun, and the whole world to have fun.

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